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Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar through Vidmate

This film is one of the thrilling movies and is one of the Bollywood’s Blockbuster movie which takes us back to our school and college days. Apparently, this Indian sports melodrama is curiously prescribed with the complete mixture of family, friends and romance. Conventionally, every movie watcher would like to watch out hit movie again and again as it is quite a refreshing one. Wherein as per the specific note of ‘one time’ view is not at all appropriate for this film.

The actual meaning of the major title is “He who is victorious is the actual conqueror”. This movie is picturized by Mansoor Khan. The actual locations where this movie has been picturized is Dehradun India. The presentation of this movie comes out with a tremendous demonstration of varied colleges in the city.

Moving forward, one of the prior songs, ‘Pehla Nasha’ in this movie is quite a touching one to Farah Khan for personal reasons that it appeared to be the starting of her profession. And thereafter, Farah Khan was optimistically recognized as a brilliant choreographer.
In other words, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar in the box office conquered about Rs 40 million in India that is quite equal to Rs 713 million. Eventually, this movie seemed to acquire greater reviews at its launching period and was announced as a major hit at the box office.
Accordingly, the major topic of this movie is about the annual inter-college sports championship with a marathon cycle race as a chief incident. And the major sports contenders are Sanju and Shekhar racing up head to head.

On the contrary, as per the movie reviewers, this film very easily comprehends in reminding the major aspects of youthful life whether it is a most popular song ‘Pehla Nasha’ or the sensible contest and numerous other race events and several other things in this film makes the audience to go back to the teenage days.

In simple words, this movie continues on an even scale especially when the ups and downs occur in life and how well to be resolved without any ejaculations in it. Above all, the major concept of this movie to all its audience is the complete projection of vantage point, style and the stubbornness which totally spoils all the ways of life.
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